HoTT Notes 12

This article is about set quotients.

HoTT Notes 11

This article is about image factorizations.

HoTT Notes 10

This article is about propositional truncations.

HoTT Summary

An outline for HoTT. Focus on easy to understand.

HoTT Notes 9

This article is about function extensionality.

HoTT Notes 8

This article is about Propositions, sets, and the higher truncation levels.

HoTT Notes 7

After a year, I'm finally take a course about HoTT formally in a classroom. This article is about the fundamental theorem of identity types.

The Physics of Semiconductors

I am trying to understand how semiconductors work, and I have found that there is a whole lot of physics to learn. This article will be qualitative rather than quantitative.

Image to RGB565 converter

A full frontend tool for converting images to rgb565

Compile LLVM style IR to web assembly

LLVM IR heavily relies on branching statements to represent control flow. However, for low-level languages targeting stack-based VMs, like WebAssembly, there are no direct instructions corresponding to branching. Therefore, we need an algorithm to convert the IR into acceptable code.